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Seanne N. Murray 

Born in Detroit, raised in Westport, Connecticut and educated with academic scholarships at Howard University and Temple University School of Law, Seanne N. Murray aspired to change the world from the early age of seven.

She practiced law, was a Director on the institutional side of Wall Street, and was recruited to manage large scale entertainment organizations associated with her family’s Motown legacy where she managed a  music copyright asset portfolio valued at $53,000,000.  Ms. Murray has authored several works on social and environmental issues including an op-ed in the Miami Herald and published her first book, The Art of Submission, The Woman’s Guide to Fulfillment, a guide to self-actualization establishing of a new genre of content. She is a co-founder and was an editor of the Political and Civil Rights Law Review at Temple University School of Law and produced and chaired a panel on clean drinking water at Harvard Law School in 2018. She is a creative strategy consultant and has collaborated with entertainment icons including Ted Field, Berry Gordy, Larry King, Jerry Levin, and Smokey Robinson and received a Gold Record for her work in that capacity. 

Since 2001, following her personal experience on 9/11, she has been devoted to social impact through media and social enterprise including Stop Stuff to mitigate gun violence, 90 Minutes of Solutions for social change, The Ara Initiative for clean water and now, Attain 9 Global for impact enterprise.

Ms. Murray is the creator and executive producer of Chicago 1919 which she is co-producing with 3-time Emmy award winner, Keith David, and NBA superstar Carmelo Anthony. She is the creator and executive producer of Attain 9 Unscripted which she is co-producing with Jay “Jeezy” Jenkins and her next book/multi-media collaboration “In the Beginning was the Word”, is set to launch in 2022.

Ms. Murray is also the exclusive agent for Mr. Steve R. Allen Allen who has been honored in a manner few artists have been in their lifetime or posthumously. The Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture acquired five of Mr. Allen’s paintings as part of its Founding and Permanent Collection, recognizing his work for its artistic and scholastic merit as well as its historical significance.

Ms. Murray is also an executive with SRA International DRC located in Kinshasa, DRC dedicated to improving economic relations between the U.S. and the Congo through the African Growth and Opportunity Act.

Ms. Murray is on the Board of Directors of IKAR Holdings and a member of the Leadership Council of IKAR Global Institute. She is also on the board of The National Institute for Criminal Justice Reform and  ETA Creative Arts Foundation.

Ms. Murray’s primary focus is ushering in a new generation of excellence, education, and decorum for Black, Indigenous and other people of the world and energizing the relationship between the United States and Africa through media and social enterprise.