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Meet Seanne N. Murray, Esq., a business professional with a diverse background spanning law, finance, entertainment, entrepreneurship, and social enterprise. With a proven track record of success, she has built a reputation as a dynamic and accomplished leader with a unique breadth of knowledge. Known for her infectious positive attitude and leading with purpose, she brings energy and enthusiasm to everything she does.

Starting her career as a lawyer, a member of the Pennsylvania Bar, she moved to Wall Street where she quickly rose through the ranks in institutional sales of convertible bonds, earning a reputation as a well-versed and skilled salesperson. As an entrepreneur, she turned a $40K initial investment into a $10 million enterprise in less than three years by creating a high-margin business engaged by renowned institutional players in the accredited medical education industry.

In the entertainment industry, she managed a portfolio of IP valued at over $50 million, raised extensive funds for wounded veterans and the Los Angeles Unified School District, and collaborated and/or partnered with entertainment icons including Ted Field, Berry Gordy, Larry King, Jerry Levin, and Smokey Robinson. She is also a published author, with articles appearing in publications such as the Miami Herald, and a co-founder of the Temple Political and Civil Rights Law Review.

Ms. Murray is a socially conscious leader who is dedicated to creating solution-based organizations and concepts to alleviate social and environmental injustices. She has been devoted to social impact through media and social enterprise since 2001, following her personal experience on 9/11. She is the founder of Attain 9, Inc., a consulting and production company that combines the power of media and business to achieve social impact. She is the creator of The Elevator with 5x Emmy award-winning show runner Bill Pruitt, and on-air talent including the legendary NFL player Ray Lewis, and music mogul Master P. She is also the creator and writer of Robert and John, formerly known as Chicago 1919, with Rosanna Arquette, 3-time Emmy award winner Keith David, and iconic director, Julie Dash.

Ms. Murray approaches each challenge with a combination of strategic thinking, relentless determination, and a positive attitude. Her ability to navigate complex business and social issues, coupled with her strong legal acumen and extraordinary communication skills, makes her a valuable asset to any organization.

Ms. Murray is on the Board of Cure Violence Global, the 9th ranked NGO in the world, Dear Mama Ventures, and The Humanity Channel, Inc. Her work has been recognized by many and she has been awarded for her contributions, including a Gold Record, in various fields. Ms. Murray thinks outside the box, leads with purpose, brings energy and enthusiasm, and delivers results. She is a force in today's business world.

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