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Robert & John
formerly Chicago 1919

After young Robert is faced with the murder of his best friend, his emotions – sadness, anger, fear, disgust – conflict on how to best navigate a city under siege.

Robert and John is a story for heroes, survivors and lost souls.


It’s a period piece for those who believe in the American dream in spite of history, past and present. It’s for those who dare to question, transform and pursue a better future.


As a 9/11 survivor, Robert and John is Ms. Murray's way of reminding us that we can break free of trauma and evolve through it. The experience of loss and temporary defeat is the fuel for compassion. The outcome is the opportunity, and/or obligation, to heal ourselves and others.


In the aftermath, survivors experience a newly defined individual wholeness and collective unity. Ms. Murray refers to it as oneness and it is her hope that all can tune into it through storytelling and the magic of film.

Ms. Murray is the producer and writer of Robert and John, formerly known as Chicago 1919, as announced in Deadline Hollywood, a feature film with the legendary Julie Dash as the director and producing partners 3 time Emmy award winning Keith David and NBA superstar Carmelo Anthony. Rosanna Arquette, the first person with whom Ms. Murray shared the idea, is attached as an actress. 

The film is, additionally, an invitation to the 3-part social and environmental justice initiative created by Ms. Murray which includes a national high school speaking tour, a museum tour in partnership with the DuSable Museum of African American History, the historical consultants on the film, and an international commission that reflects many of the topics studied in 1919 under the Blue Ribbon Commission established by then Governor Lowden.

WGA #1903220

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