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After the televised murder of Alton Sterling in 2016, Ms. Murray made a commitment to alleviate gun violence. Shortly thereafter, she met her mentor, Jerry Levin, former Chair of Time Warner, who lost his son to gun violence as a teacher in the NYC school system, to whom she made a personal pledge.

Ms. Murray used her skills as a creative strategy consultant and formed Stop Stuff, a branded initiative designed to bring awareness to the problem of gun violence nationwide and provide resources to people and organizations doing their best to save lives.  She traveled to Chicago numerous times, winning a speaking competition on the topic, meeting with major non-profits, gang members, reformed and otherwise, and institutions. Ms. Murray organized events in Los Angeles with Shinola and with United Hood Nation, the organization that orchestrated a cease fire between the Crips and the Bloods.

The brand was worn and promoted by students, entertainers, including the legendary Smokey Robinson, and other professionals around the country as a statement of their belief that gun violence must stop immediately. Ms. Murray owns the trademark for the STOP logo, the Stop Stuff brand and for the word STOP on any and all apparel.

The brand was not successful to Ms. Murray’s liking. So, she put it to bed, refocused, was inducted onto the Board of Cure Violence Global, the 9th ranked NGO in the world, and relaunched it as Stop All Violence with the mission to be the most effective agent of peace in the world.

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