The Elevator presented by Attain 9, Inc.

Our mission is to be the largest generator of social enterprise world-wide. 

As the founder of Attain 9 and the creator of The Elevator, and unscripted series, Ms. Murray envisions a future where citizens, the world over, live purpose driven lives, recognize the ability to use our collective power to heal ourselves and the planet, and advocate social enterprise as the preferred means to generate wealth.

  • A9 is a center of excellence, education and entrepreneurship, with emphasis on Women, Black, Indigenous and people of color.


  • A9 is a space for those who wish to originate, create and materialize impact ventures through collaboration, partnership and aggregated resources.


  • A9 satisfies a rapidly growing need for and interest in social enterprise by providing opportunities to transform ideas into profitable businesses that solve the world’s social and environmental problems.


  • A9 is a source and a resource for entrepreneurship, apprentice-style guidance, education, and networking for aspiring, business leaders, with a focus on those who may otherwise lack opportunity.


  • A9 is a vehicle for identifying and developing profitable new  businesses.