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Seanne N. Murray, Esq. is a multifaceted business professional, a charismatic host, and an unwavering advocate for progress. With a diverse background spanning law, finance, entertainment, entrepreneurship, and social enterprise, she brings a dynamic leadership style and a proven track record of delivering remarkable results. Known for her infectious positive attitude and dedication to leading with purpose, Seanne is a formidable presence in today's business and media landscape.


Seanne's journey began in the legal field, but her ambition led her to excel in institutional sales on Wall Street before venturing into entrepreneurship. In just three years, she transformed a $40,000 investment into a $10 million business. Her foray into the glitzy world of entertainment saw her manage a music portfolio worth over $50 million and collaborate with industry icons such as Ted Field, Berry Gordy, Larry King, Jerry Levin, and Smokey Robinson.


Yet, Seanne is more than just a remarkable resume; she is a passionate advocate for social change, driven by a life-changing experience on 9/11. This pivotal moment ignited a relentless fire within her, inspiring her to champion social activism and social enterprise nationwide.


Seanne is the visionary behind Attain 9, Inc., a groundbreaking production company that merges media, community engagement, and business to initiate positive social and economic change. She calls it "elevated prosperity" and is unwavering in her commitment to this cause.


What truly sets Seanne apart is her unwavering sense of purpose. Whether she's privatizing social change, rallying innovators and influencers, advocating against violence, or inspiring individuals to chase their dreams and make a lasting impact, she's always on a mission for good.


With compassion, creativity, and a wealth of experience, Seanne is on a quest to inspire humanity to reach its limitless potential. Her mission? Challenge the status quo by sparking innovative solutions to social, cultural, and environmental issues through the magic of media and social enterprise.


Seanne's exceptional blend of executive experience and an insatiable appetite for positive change make her a force to be reckoned with, and her commitment to a brighter future shines through in everything she does.

William H. Davis

William H. Davis (1848–1938) was a pioneering American educator and administrator in West Virginia, notable for being the first teacher of Booker T. Washington and the first African American candidate for West Virginia governor in 1888. Born in Columbus, Ohio, he served in the Union Army during the Civil War and later became a respected educator, ultimately retiring in 1913. Davis made history as a gubernatorial candidate and remained a significant figure in West Virginia until his passing in 1938.

Raynoma Gordy Singleton

Raynoma Gordy Singleton (1937–2016) co-founded Motown, playing a pivotal role in signing iconic artists like Stevie Wonder, teaching Smokey Robinson musical theory, and overseeing the publishing company, which she later sold for a staggering $61,000,000. Her contributions to the music industry were immense, and her legacy continues to influence the world of music.

Roslyn L. Murray

Roslyn Loretta Murray (1923–1998) founded The Michigan Institute for Child Development, where over 10,000 students received an exceptional education in Detroit. Under her guidance, the institute instilled a commitment to excellence and required students to memorize and recite William Earnest Henley's "Invictus" with determination. Her dedication to education left an indelible mark on the Detroit community.

Asa and Sandra Murray

Asa Gene Murray, III, and Sandra J. Murray have been the dealership principals of Shoreline Harley-Davidson, New Jersey's largest and award-winning Harley Davidson dealership, since 2015. Their leadership has contributed to the dealership's success and its reputation as a premier destination for motorcycle enthusiasts.


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