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Our lives are a culmination of starts and stops.

The more fearless we are, the more stops we may have, big and small experiences that shape who we are, how we engage with others and how we contribute to society.

Temptation, the lead us not into kind, consists of all the distractions and energies that we create, accept and give power to. Unfortunately, some choose, or fall into, the dark night to avoid personal responsibility.

Change, however, can happen in an instant.

We flourish by making the decision to do so.

To stop, while negative in its angle is positive in its outcome, opening the door to beginning anew.

Here are 21 things to stop right now to make room for and give momentum to the attainment of what you do want:

1. Stop saying you love if you don’t show you love.

2. Stop calling yourself a parent if you don’t parent.

3. Stop calling people influencers who are a bad influence.

4. Stop exchanging opportunity with fear.

5. Stop minimizing your instincts.

6. Stop asking for what you don’t give.

7. Stop holding people accountable who lack accountability.

8. Stop feeding negative behavior with attention.

9. Stop waiting for permission.

10. Stop believing hard work is the only good work.

11. Stop being afraid.

12. Stop believing you can’t.

13. Stop seeking fame.

14. Stop eating cake if you’re on a diet.

15. Stop believing there’s only one way.

16. Stop silencing your own voice.

17. Stop saying yes or maybe when you mean no.

18. Stop all the isms and phobes.

19. Stop pretending like you don’t know what you want.

20. Stop living without a why.

21. Stop believing in limits.

Cheers to dreams fulfilled.

Let me know how it goes.

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