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Film: An Investment in Progress

Exploring societal issues through film has been a powerful tool for decades, allowing us to gain a deeper understanding of complex issues and to empathize with those whose experiences may be different from our own.

My film Robert & John, also known as Chicago 1919, delves into themes of race, justice, and equality, among others. While some may view it as "too political," the film also delves into deeply personal and emotional issues that affect individuals and communities on a daily basis.

As we follow the experiences of the Price boys and their friends, we see how difficult choices in the face of crisis shape our futures and the lives of those around us. The film highlights themes of personal growth, responsibility, and survival that are relatable to audiences of all ages and backgrounds. It invites viewers to engage in meaningful reflection and to consider the impact of their own choices on their lives and the lives of others.

Robert & John is an important and timely exploration of issues that impact African Americans and other humans, today.

The film provides an opportunity for viewers to engage in meaningful conversations and reflection, and to consider new ways of thinking. Many other successful films, not labeled as political, explore social impact in nuanced and thought-provoking ways, such as The Joy Luck Club, Slumdog Millionaire, The Color Purple, Crazy Rich Asians, and The Shape of Water.

We have the power to promote positive change through the stories we tell and the films we watch. By sharing, funding, and watching films like Robert & John that tap into our humanity and offer important insights into the human experience, we can participate in something larger than ourselves.

Help support Robert & John: Share this blog post with your friends, family, and social media world. And if you know anyone in the entertainment industry or people who supports investment in positive change, please spread the word.

Let us continue pushing forward together towards promoting empathy, understanding, and work towards a future that is more inclusive, just, and compassionate through film and other forms of art.

PS: Shoutout to my esteemed co-writers, Mr. Greg Lawson and Mr. Robb Edward Morris, my director Ms. Julie Dash, and to Ms. Rosanna Arquette, Mr. Keith David, and Mr. Hawthorne James, attached actors of incredible skill and veracity.

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