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Forever Loved

I believe that we are created from darkness, as matter, that light evolves from dark, that creation is feminine by nature, that we are born knowing who we are and built to be nurtured not formed.

It is a miracle that we start as an inkling manifested into and from tiny, fertilized eggs that provide all of the genetics and other physical resources necessary to make us the exact human beings we are.

I believe we are each born with a purpose, none more important than another, some to grow and learn, some to impact others, some to make revolutionary change through loving, being loved, living, exploring the harsh and the sweet, becoming until it is time for us to go, to make room for others.

I believe that while we often have regrets, there are no mistakes. Each experience we have is our own, designated for us, moving us with purpose into our individual destiny.

I believe that my personal mission is to self-actualize, love, be loved and contribute to making the planet better, to empowering children, people, to joy, peace and satiety.

I believe that spirits never die, that we, as energy, continue to live infinitely. I often feel the spirit of my ancestors in and around me, teaching me, watching me, providing me comfort in difficult times, encouraging me to happiness.

Today is the day I was born, the day I was given life, the greatest gift there is until the time we move onward to the next phase of being, until we are exalted, perhaps to the beginning, perhaps to the end. The physical legacy of the Murray family, with no children in this generation, ends with those of us who are alive today. With a new name, the spiritual generation will begin whole and new, stronger, more resilient, more caring, more kind and most of all, more loving. That is my belief and my prayer.

And so, I celebrate today and will be celebrated a bit, because it’s an important day, the magical beginning, the continuation, the proof that manifestation is real, that something, the genesis of all, can be made from a feeling, a thought, an action, that God is real. It is imperative that we hold onto and appreciate the goodness that got us here.

Happy Birthday, to me! You are deeply and forever loved.


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