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From Advocate to Executive: My Cure Violence Journey

I am thrilled to share some exciting news with all of you. Starting January 2, 2023, after nearly a year and a half of serving on the board, I have been invited to step into a new role as the Senior Director of Development and Communications at Cure Violence Global (CVG) - a global organization ranked 9th among NGOs and the leader in violence prevention worldwide.


My journey with CVG has been incredibly rewarding, and I am deeply honored to be joining the executive team. As a versatile business professional with a background in law, finance, entertainment, entrepreneurship, and social enterprise, I am eager to bring my dynamic leadership style and unwavering commitment to this remarkable organization.

In 2016, my journey began when I decided to address the pressing issue of gun violence. This decision was sparked by witnessing the televised murder of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and by forming a profound friendship with Jerry Levin, former CEO of Time Warner, who tragically lost his son to gun violence. This led me to launch STOP™ STUFF, a social enterprise designed to ignite the power of influence for good by connecting capital, expertise, and vision with community and industry leaders.

Focused on discovering how to use my voice and resources to make a difference, I consulted with experts, learned from both givers and receivers of gun violence, and monitored research on gun violence in major cities. It was during this journey that I was introduced to CVG by Cobe Williams, the National Community Organizer of CVG. Since that moment, I have been deeply inspired by their work and mission.


CVG's mission to reduce violence globally using evidence-based public health methods aligns perfectly with my passion for driving positive change through media and business. In my new role, I will lead efforts to enhance CVG's visibility, philanthropic positioning, and image while actively working to increase support for this crucial cause.

I am genuinely excited to continue collaborating with the CVG team, engaging with our supporters, and driving impact through strategic fundraising and communication initiatives.


Now, I invite you to join me in our mission to create a safer and more peaceful global community. Together, we have the power to effect real change. To stay closely connected with our journey and receive updates on our efforts, I encourage you to:


  1. Follow Cure Violence Global (CVG) on all social media platforms.

  2. Share our mission and posts with your networks.

  3. Engage with our content, providing your valuable insights and support.

  4. Stay informed about upcoming events and initiatives.

  5. Explore ways you can contribute and make a difference in your own community.


Your involvement is crucial to our shared success. Together, let's transform the world and build a brighter future for all.

Thank you for your ongoing support and dedication! Please reach out with any questions or comments.

Happy New Year!




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