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The death of Tyre Nichols is a devastating and powerful reminder of the deep-seated issues that plague our justice system. The fact that police brutality has become a tragically accepted reality is a heartbreaking and unacceptable truth that we must all confront. Watching the footage of this incident is a traumatic and difficult experience, and it is completely understandable that some choose to avoid it in order to protect their mental well-being. However, it is crucial that we all bear witness to this reality, so that we may take action to create a just and fair society. It is devastating to watch as several men brutally beat a defenseless man to death, kicking him in the head multiple times and then standing around his lifeless body emotionless. Tyre's death is horrific, anxiety-provoking, and sad beyond words. The image and sound of Tyre crying out for his mother in his final moments is gut-wrenching. We’ve come to know this as an indication of the last moments of life for a Black man, televised for the world to see. My tears fall for him, his mother, his family, his entire community, this country. Police brutality, and murder, takes a deep emotional toll on all of us. It is an act of pure evil that is everlasting, chipping, further, at the soul of a nation. Violence is unacceptable, barbaric and inhumane. Tyre's murder is a reminder of the brutal treatment that too many people, particularly those from marginalized communities, face at the hands of those in positions of power. It is a stark reminder that there is so much work to be done. I’d like to talk about solutions, but it seems disrespectful right now. Lord, we feel lost and uncertain. We messed up. But we trust in your guidance and ask that you work your wonders with haste. We surrender ourselves to your divine plan. Amen.

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