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My ESQ. is Back, Baby!!!!

Listen up because I have a story that has taught me a valuable lesson.

In 1992, I earned the right to practice law after graduating from Temple University School of Law and passing the bar exam. Fast forward two years, and the company I worked for ran out of money, leaving me unable to pay the fees and fulfill the requirements to maintain my bar membership, the Esq. - the symbol of my hard-earned license.

I had no idea of the kind of power and significance that came with that status and I took it for granted.

It's not just a piece of paper, or a fancy title. It represents a way of thinking and being that demands the highest levels of integrity, honesty, and a fierce commitment to justice AND only 5.4% of lawyers are Black in the U.S.! As a naïve young person, I thought that these values were the norm in industry and in life. But as I navigated different fields, and engaged more people, I soon came to the shocking realization that this level of integrity was a rarity in business, and life.

Reflecting on this experience, I also realize the significance of honoring and appreciating my own accomplishments. This achievement has brought a sense of pride that reminds me of the importance of acknowledging and celebrating all of my successes. By respecting and valuing our own accomplishments, we can find the motivation to continue pursuing our dreams and make a positive difference in the world.

So, it is with great joy and gratitude, I am proud to announce that my Esq. has been reinstated by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania as of today, April 6, 2023.

Please hold your tongue before cracking any jokes about lawyers because it's not funny. Once you comprehend the true purpose, dedication, and required integrity that goes into becoming a lawyer, there’s no reason to let a handful of unsavory nuts spoil the meaning of a profession rooted in integrity.

Signed with Pride and Profound Gratitude,

Seanne N. Murray, Esq.

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