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Having some moments of nostalgia over here. I had a really beautiful childhood. Remembering my best friend in Sugar & Spice nursery school, trying to go to the bathroom like boys, the emerald green friendship ring she gave me... Milking the cow and churning butter... The boy who'd chase me trying to give me a kiss... The little white motorcycle helmet, purple jacket and hiking boots with the red laces when I was seven... When my Dad let me drive the bike... and I really thought I did it. I remember our weekend walks in the woods, the streams, tadpoles, frogs, the fresh blueberries... Riding bikes, finding baby rabbits and snakes... Skinned knees... The smell of lilac in the yard. I remember Mystic seaport, Sturbridge Village, the NYC museums, school field trips, NBA games at the Garden, the plays on Broadway... Playing my clarinet, loving classical music, singing in the choir... Singing with my sister in sleeping bags on my bedroom floor... I am deeply thankful for my childhood. It was a true blessing. I grew up privileged. I really want some hiking boots with red laces...

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