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The United States

The false notion of us, we, our is physically imbedded in the name of this country, the United States of America, the U.S. The structure of the country, a so-called democratic society founded in capitalism, with power, money being a symbol of the same flowered with images of God, is built on separation, divisiveness, hunger.

The English traveled on boats of vengeance to this land for a better life, for a sense of freedom from tyranny, imperialism. They arrived in a territory that was, in fact, the epitome of the same. The indigenous people lived with a sense of universal order that maintained the integrity of all that is, that recognized, the land, animals, plants, waters as gifts to be honored, nurtured, and shared freely by all of humanity. The secessionists were welcomed, taught to survive, even thrive in the arms of Mother Earth.

The spirit of authoritarianism, the demand for obedience by those who’d fled the same, traveled, imbedded in the cells, of men, took charge as they chose to destroy what had also been taken from them…freedom. The choices they made, along with many others around the world, reflect the lowest desire for personal and collective well-being.

The act and process of choice is available to all humans, the comprehensive, collective, race itself generated from an original continent, separated, over time, by Nature, herself. The choices we make, the will and desire we have been given to choose the direction of our lives, to quicken or decelerate our destiny from and to Oneness, is complex and extensive.

The acronym of the United States, the name itself, implies and carries, the energy of a common sense of collective of the shared experience of life. Unfortunately, here and around the world, the sense of gratitude and responsibility for all living things has created a predicament that puts a timeline on life itself, on the ability for the planet to survive the suffering inflicted upon it by humans.

On the bright side, a collective of global pioneers are leading a new, really an aboriginal, paradigm, to rewrite, re-right, the imbalance of Mother Earth, Mother Nature, and honor, ask forgiveness from, recalibrate with the essence of creation itself. It is time that we recognize, remember, experience the highest truths, that the quality of being righteous of justice, itself is the undeniable essence of our being and the uncomplicated solution that will result in elevated prosperity for all as intended by God, herself.


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