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We're Done. Signed, Black Women

To all those who believe Black women should take one for the team…nah bruh, we’ve done all the team building, support, wet nursing, putting ourselves behind, second or last, we’re ever gonna do.

You didn’t expect the best gymnast to have ever lived to risk her actual life for a competition that requires perfect mental and physical alignment did you?

Oh right, you expected that old school sacrifice.

Black women are veterans of American society, having been through our own war, deserving of honor, respect and nurturing. It’s time we take our emotional health into our own hands.

Thanks for stepping up and being the example of Black women who aren’t perfect, Black women who need a break, rest and recovery.

We have needs.

We’ll never put them aside again.

The rest of you need to get your minds right and your expectations in check.

We’re human.

Our hearts and souls matter.


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