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Women Leading Legacies

Women are often overlooked and underestimated in their ability to lead and build legacies. But, time and time again, we demonstrate our resilience, tenacity, and creativity in establishing generational impact.

In my family, on both sides, there are, and have been, strong, determined women who have led the charge in legacy building by being present, seen, heard, and determined. From creating educational institutions to establishing musical legacies, to building family empires, the women in my family have been, and are, at the forefront of legacy building. The idea that women should be, or have been, anything else is historically inaccurate, absurd, and short sighted.

On my maternal and paternal sides, the women in my family were fierce businesswomen who built successful enterprises from the ground up. They had minimal to moderate formal education, and were not afraid to take risks and make tough decisions, resulting in national and international legacies in education, music, etc., while defining the inspiration, determination, and elevation that lives on in their offspring and others edified by their efforts.

There are countless examples of women who have built legacies and changed the world. We don’t accept the backseat literally or figuratively, and why would we?

The misguided view of a woman’s place is new, a great example of how small changes in culture, views, stories, and perceptions, can result in massive change. The Adam and Eve story doesn’t make logical, scientific, or evolutionary sense. Throughout history women were revered, worshipped, and respected as warriors and goddesses. Matriarchal societies, prevailed and continue to exist today.

While literally birthing the next generations, women continue to break barriers, and revolutionize society. None of this should be a shock to the sensibilities of or pride in manhood. We stand with you side by side, acknowledging and respecting your skills,

accomplishments, and endeavors, with all of our, and your, ribs and DNA in place.


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