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Before the Mayflower

Some of you know that I am the creator of Chicago 1919, the story of two teenage brothers fighting for their lives during one of America’s most violent and untold racial conflicts. My reason for creating the story is to shed light on the genesis of violent behavior in Chicago that stems directly from and was instigated wholly, according to Woodrow Wilson, by White people, mostly Irish gangs. Like with any great trauma, once we understand it, or even know that it exists, we have the opportunity to move on from it. Wherever I go, I share the stories of our ancestors, African and American, the successes and the persecutions. The listeners are always astounded. Since our truths are not shared in American public schools to the great detriment of our children and our progress, those of us who know must share wherever we can. One of my Cuban friends ordered a copy of Before the Mayflower and is sharing newfound stories with his salon clients. Everything we do is significant. I look forward to a time when all Americans are required to learn as much about Black American history as we are about White American history such that they become one under the proper guise of American history.

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