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Seriously, Are You Ready?

Seriously, Are You Ready?

As you all know, I have committed my life to making a difference. I don't have children. So, this is and will be my greatest legacy. It will be measured by the impact I make and my ability to empower others to make an impact as well. People always talk about following their dreams or chasing their dreams. In my world, we catch our dreams! My word for 2020 is "attainment":

  • to achieve a goal toward which one has worked

  • a thing achieved

  • accomplishment, success, triumph

  • to come into possession of

  • to come or arrive by motion, growth, or effort

  • fulfillment, graduation

  • to take a thing to its final point

  • to step into a new environment

  • to step into a new you

Are you ready? 90 Minutes of Solutions is an incubator for social change where conversation and action intersect. We started in 2018 in Beverly Hills with Larry King as our first confirmed speaker. He said, "People always talk about problems, but no one talks about solutions. Where do you need me to be?" And so it began right there at Larry's favorite breakfast spot.

People always talk about problems,

but no one talks about solutions.

Larry King

The latest event, focused on motivating children, was in the Miami Design District with Dave Lawrence, Tracy Wilson Mourning, and Gil Green and was featured in the Miami Herald.

Are you ready?

We have 2 events coming up next week on 2/25 and 2/27 on human trafficking and the environment, respectively.

We are continuing the conversation on human trafficking after the Super Bowl to discuss results. Lives were actually saved!

The panel members are extraordinary, one of whom is a recently released human trafficking victim. As I am writing to you, we’ve added Carmen Duran, Victim/Witness Specialist in the Human Trafficking Unit in the Attorney General’s office.

This event supports the Women's Fund Miami-Dade Stop Trafficking Campaign for the Miami Super Bowl Host Committee.

Are you ready?

The event on the environment includes presenters from the Amazon to Australia, people who are on the ground, some for over 30 years, making an impact, changing and saving the world for us!!

You will leave with actionable steps on what you can do to make a difference right now.

Thank you to my amazing sponsors! I appreciate your support, your love and your fearlessness.

What do I need from you? This is my ask:

Register for and attend one or both of these events at

Spread the word far and wide with friends and colleagues on FB, IG and Twitter.

Become part of the solution!

Are you ready? I am! Send me a note. Let me know you're ready. Seanne N. Murray, Otherwise known as SNM, The Voice for Good

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