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Updated: Oct 21, 2022

There are many charlatans, to put it blatantly, frauds, around the world, many of whom use the ease and access of Linked In, and other avenues, to augment and ratify their charade.

Their use of titles, name dropping, fan fair, connection to royalty or other legacy, highbrow education, the presumption, and consumption of wealth, even the advancement of faux heart felt missions, as tools to draw in and exploit legitimate executives, entrepreneurs, visionaries, and creators is persuasive and pervasive.

Experts at fictitious games derive power by escalating their connections with legitimate people, with you, us.

Unfortunately, few are willing to share their stories, and so the games continue.

This Vanity Fair article demolishes a train wreck that slithered all over the pages of Linked In.

I’d like to personally thank Dana Al Salem for sharing her story.

I was introduced to this sham of a company, invited to speak at one of their conferences for a discounted fee, and fortunately didn’t waste my time or other resources.

I’ve been approached by many on Linked In for paid promotion, cover stories, and affiliation with national and international organizations and assemblies where the entire scheme is built on fraud, using pride and ego as tools of seduction.

For the record, I am not interested, stop asking.

Fool me once, go $*#% yourself.

Legitimate interest is developed, earned, and grounded in tenacity, determination, and veracity. That is the foundation of good progress, evolution, and yes, good PR.

Who you are, your life mission, vision, and action, is more important than who you know, where you’ve been, or what titles you hold.

Imposters lie about things, but the truth of who they are, the deception they represent, will ultimately come to light.

Those who don’t speak up and out are integral to the web of thieves. They rely on our silence and/or inaction to fuel complicity and use it to weave continuity of the lies they spin, a weave of stinking rot.

Don’t give them that capability. Don’t be the plug that powers their scheme.

Ask questions, seek references, check backgrounds.

It’s you they want, you who hold the source of prosperity and progress.

You are the influencer.

If you are silent, you are the problem.

Happy Halloween 💀


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